«Creating Spiritual Relationships» 12-Week Relationship Counseling Program for Couples

This 12-Week Program is designed for two people to work together to revitalize their relationship into a path of greater health and wholeness. The course is based on 12 lessons and 2 CD’s that help to let go of barriers to creating loving and nurturing relationships and teach how to build positive and productive relationships with people in your life. These lessons can be applied to any form of relationships, such as relationship with your spouse, fiancé, or significant other, co-worker, relative, or a friend.

The course begins by looking at the 14 common causes of problems in relationships and their solutions. Then we will identify important ingredients that can contribute to an ongoing vibrant and relationship, where both partners thrive and grow together. We will learn 30 keys to building successful nurturing relationships.

An important part of the course is its focus on the importance of having a good relationship with yourself and understanding your inner dynamics. Here, we will talk about healing childhood wounds and recognizing that all anger, blame, and judgement is the result of underlying fears. Together, we will learn how to let go and heal anger and hostility and how to build a bridge of communication with each other that promotes a deep sense of safety and trust. Finally, we will look at 6 key ingredients for productive and spiritual relationships and conclude with 12 important ways to keep learning and improving your relationship further.

Included in the course is a workbook with 12 lessons and two CD’s. What you will learn can be applied to any relationship — your spouse, significant other, co-worker, friend or relative. You will benefit from the 12-week relationship counseling program, if you:

How Does this Program Work and What Skills Will You Learn?

You are recommended to set aside time once a week for your relationship. After reading the weekly text together, you then are led to discuss each area and how it may be affecting your relationship. After doing the worksheet, you share how you want to apply the lesson to your coming week. During the week, you listen to the CD’s to reinforce the healing relationship skills. At the end of the week, we will meet each week at the scheduled time you review how you feel you have progressed and what you want to reinforce in the future.

Review Lesson Plan:

Investment: $1200 (includes the materials, 2 CD’s, 1-hour orientation, and twelve 1-hour weekly sessions)

“«Creating Spiritual Relationships» 12-Week Relationship Counseling Program for Couples”

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