«Spiritual Relationship Enhancement» 6-Week Counseling Program for Couples

When partners have the attitudes, skills, and understanding needed to create a «safe haven» that nurtures the growth of each, relationships are a light-filled experience. If you would like to create this kind of healing relationship with your partner or friend, you can learn to apply important attitudes and skills for healing relationships with me as your guide.

Many of us were not taught the important skills we needed to have fulfilling and nurturing relationships. Our parents most likely did not have these important skills and healing approaches to model to us. To break the chain of repeating unhealthy patterns from past generations, we need to learn to change our scripts of how to relate to each other.

The attitudes of our society teach us to build walls of protection against an unsafe and uncaring world. While these walls may have seemed to protect us, they have also created a sense of isolation and deep sense of unhappiness or quiet desperation. We have forgotten how to relate to each other in ways which meet our deepest need – our need for connectedness and for giving and receiving unconditional love.

The purpose of the Spiritual Relationship Counseling sessions is to learn how to relate to others in ways which contribute to your deepest need, your need to wake up to the Spirit within you both.

 In the Spiritual Relationship Enhancement Program, you will accomplish the following together:

Investment: $600 (includes the materials, a CD, and six 1-hour weekly sessions)

“«Spiritual Relationship Enhancement» 6-Week Counseling Program for Couples”

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