Accessing Inner Wisdom

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The focus of Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling is on allowing your Inner Wisdom to enrich your spiritual growth and help you heal in a way that is best for you. Everyone has times when they feel anxious, fearful, tense or angry and cannot seem to break loose from it. You may be experiencing an undesirable habit, which seems to control you. Or your mind may be returning again and again to review a scene which upsets or disturbs you. You may be experiencing a dis-ease and need insight from Inner Wisdom on how to create things differently.

In times like this, it is helpful to be able to work with a facilitator, trained to help you access your Inner Wisdom. I can help you to gain insight into the situation, so that you can see it from the perspective of your Higher Self. This counseling provides a safe environment for you to look at the unconscious limited ideas and beliefs which may be behind the discomfort that you are experiencing. When they are brought into the light of conscious awareness, I will help you to get back in touch with your inner peace that was always there for you.

Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling opens the door to let the knowledge of your Inner Wisdom to heal your perception by showing you the reality behind the fear, tension, anxiety or any discomfort that you are experiencing. You will be able to see clearly again. With the help of your Inner Wisdom, you will be able to move past the barriers that you created and make steps towards experiencing the life that is filled with more peace and inner joy.

As a part of our counseling session, you will receive a summary of those thoughts that might be blocking you from achieving your highest potential, as well as the insight from your Inner Wisdom on how to correct these thoughts. The greatest gift that you receive from your Inner Wisdom as a result of this counseling is the expanded awareness in the area of your life you choose to work on.

Most of my sessions are done via Skype or by phone. If you are not fully satisfied with your session, you will receive a full refund.

Investment: $100

Accessing Inner Wisdom

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