Astronumerology Forecast for May 2016

Blog. May 2016

May is the month of inner exploration and growth. It will uncover many long-forgotten aspects of ourselves. We are redefining the way we show up in the world and changing our perception about ourselves and our value in the world. As a result, we will be able to act from a more authentic place and be more aligned with the truth of who we are. The energy of May is gentler, sweeter, and more fun than the turbulence of April.

In numerology, May is the 4 month in the 9 Universal year, and, therefore, it is a 14/5 month. 5 is a very flexible and dynamic number that requires taking risks, making quick decisions, and exploring different opportunities as they arise. In May, there will be a lot of movement, both in a literal sense and metaphorically speaking. We are learning how to fully express our talents and gifts in the world and how to commit to what is true to us.

Important Dates for May 2016:

First Part of the Month

May starts with 5 planets in retrograde motion, including Mars (the planet of action), Mercury (the planet of thinking), Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. That hasn’t happened in 10 years! It’s a perfect time to rethink, re-envision, and re-write the rules of the game. You might feel, as I do, that it’s easier now to achieve clarity of perspective and get in touch with your emotions. Use this time to clarify, refine, and purify your intentions, so that when Jupiter turns direct on May 9, Mercury on May 22, and Mars on June 29, we are fully ready to move forward and can use this renewed perspective to build the life we want from the place of complete authenticity and integrity. Of course, that is not a coincidence that five planets are retrograding right now. This alignment helps us to let go of everything that doesn’t represent who we are in 2016. In order to let it go, we need to see it first and realize that we don’t need it anymore. If you already started moving in this direction consciously in April, you will feel that this process goes much more smoothly in May with so much gentle Venus/Taurus energy.

The New Moon occurs on May 6 in Taurus, with Venus (the ruler of Taurus) in Taurus for most of the month. That creates a very soft and harmonious atmosphere in May that is conducive to romantic love, home, beauty, and art. May is a good time to take care of the material world and the body, whether it is gardening, home improvement, or a day devoted to self-care. Express your love and compassion towards yourself and others, and enjoy all the intuitive insights that come to you in abundance and in the name of abundance this month. This New Moon is also conjunct with Mercury and Venus, making communication and partnerships harmonious and fruitful. It’s going to be easier than in April to maintain balance between work and home, stillness and noise, action and relaxation. Spending time outside will help us learn from nature how to follow these cycles.

On May 9, Jupiter stations direct in Virgo after a long retrograde since early January. We are redesigning our future, based on our new understanding of what it means to create a life from the place of alignment between the mind and the heart. It’s also an invitation to look closer at your daily routine, diet, and exercise. A harmonious grand trine between Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter, which is activated around the time of the New Moon, makes it possible to develop and/or deepen co-creative and divinely-guided partnerships with people whose interests are similar to yours. Take advantage of unexpected opportunities that present themselves this month without delay. There is a good chance we will be able to use this opportunities in a practical way to create long-lasting and financially-rewarding ventures. It is extremely potent New Moon, if you remember to stay centered and be gentle and loving towards yourself.

Second Part of the Month

Another theme emerges around the last week of May, beginning on May 20. The energy becomes more dynamic and potentially more volatile, as we face the polarity of going inward and expressing yourself in the outer world. On May 20, the Sun enters into Gemini. Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on May 21 conjunct Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. Mercury turns direct in Taurus on May 22, and Venus enters into Gemini and opposes Mars in Sagittarius on May 24. We are learning to be familiar with both masculine and feminine ways of doing things, in order to balance and integrate them. I see it as a search for balance between the two, when we are experimenting with both ways of expression. If you are an extrovert, you might want to enjoy your quiet time. And if you are an introvert, you might enjoy having a company.

Finally, Mars enters into Scorpio in retrograde on May 27. Mars is half way on his retrograde journey that will finish by the end of June. In Scorpio, we are able to reflect on our deepest feelings, heal our past wounds, and let go of what has separated us from trusting in ourselves fully before. When we heal our hearts, we can finally accept support, love, and abundance that was always there for us. Magic starts to happen, and anything is possible!

Four Attitudes to Adopt This Month

Here are my four suggestions to adopt in May. Consider applying them, if they resonate with you.

  1. Stay connected to the natural cycles by spending time outside.
  2. Nurture your body and be gentle toward yourself.
  3. Let go of your past with love and forgiveness.
  4. Be grateful for every person you meet and every opportunity that you create for yourself this month. Some of these opportunity are potentially life-changing!

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I like the attitudes you recommend, will try to adopt them

I agree, I appreciate the attitudes you recommend. Thanks!

Edna Harris

Four powerful attitude changes. Thank you Tanya. <3