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Step Into Power: Solar Eclipse Activates the Age of Aquarius

Between February 10th and February 26th, we were in the period between the two eclipses. That means that karmic events and serendipitous meetings surround us. The eclipses are charged with a massive amount of cosmic energy. We can direct this potent energy to bring about changes in our lives, release the old toxic patterns of thinking, and welcome the new Age of Aquarius.

During this eclipse season, we are forced to take extreme actions related to relationships, money, and financial success.

To fully step into power and freedom, we need to let go of ideas we believed in for a long time.Click To Tweet

However, there is a lot of support now for shifting and transforming these areas. As we approach the Solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces on Sunday, February 26, we start feeling the intensity of this transformational energy.

Astrologers believe that each Age lasts for about 2100 years, and we have just entered the Aquarian Age after having spent two millennia in the Age of Pisces. Innovative and future-oriented Aquarius asks us to take responsibility for our unique talents and play an active role in creating a better world.

We have been learning through pain and suffering for many years now. I think we are ready as humanity to make the next step and choose to make a shift from helplessness to power. We are ready to release complaining and victim mentality, let go of toxic relationships, jobs and unhealthy addictions, and welcome the unknown. Continue reading Step Into Power: Solar Eclipse Activates the Age of Aquarius