Deep PEAT 1 Session

Zivorad M. Slavinski developed Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (or simply PEAT) in 1999. Shortly after its creation, he discovered that the method helps to transcend dualistic consciousness and effectively solve your core, fundamental life issues. Once these core inner conflicts are resolved, the problems never re-occur in the future. This makes Deep PEAT stand out from the rest of energy psychology methods.

Typically, a client is able to uncover and integrate their unique fundamental polarity pair in one session of Deep PEAT. Integration of this core polarity allows you to become free of your most fundamental (conscious or unconscious) problem forever. This is a liberating process naturally leads to increased self-awareness and helps to resolve all other problems much faster. This changes your life profoundly. Integrating your fundamental polarity is crucial for spiritual growth and for achieving happiness and fulfillment in everyday life.

Although it is very important, the integration of the first polarity is only the beginning of your adventures with PEAT. Besides the core polarity, there are thousands of other polarities in our unconscious. Collectively, they form the structure of our consciousness that is based on dualistic perception. After the first, and most important, duality pair is integrated it becomes easier to approach other emotionally charged polarities and integrate them. This process is usually accompanied with a sense of total peace and oneness that can hardly be explained in words.

Integration of polarities in the unconscious is one of the fastest and most fundamental ways to accelerate your evolution and improve the quality of your life by removing the blocks to experiencing peace.

The many benefits of Deep PEAT include:

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“Deep PEAT 1 Session”

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