Numerology Consultation 1.5-hour session

As astrology, numerology is another useful ancient self-discovery method. I combine several different numerology systems to understand your life purpose, and your life lessons. Numerology provides information about your talents, tendencies, and qualities that you already have, as well as the ones that you need to develop and that exist in you only as opportunities. Numerology chart provides a road map for your life that will always be with you from birth, whether you know about it or not. During our consultation, I prefer to spend our time on discussing the information in your numerology chart that is important for you to know right now. Becoming aware of this information can help you to save time and start moving forward towards your deepest and happiest self-expression possible.

I practice the following numerology systems: classical numerology (Pythagoras’ psycho-matrix), western numerology (birth chart), and predictive numerology (Soul’s path). Together they give an overview of your Soul’s path and clarify its main lessons for this lifetime, qualities that it wants to develop, and methods that it uses to do that.  As a part of your numerology consultation, we will look at your life energy chart and where you are now in terms of your life cycles. This helps to put your life in perspective and adjust your goals in terms of your natural biological rhythms and the lessons you intended to learn in each period of your life.

Numerology charts analysis is an invaluable resource for parents who practice conscious parenting and would like to take into account individual characteristics and gifts of their children.

Numerology charts provides answers to the following questions:

After booking a session, you will receive a questionnaire by email that will help me to get to know you better before our scheduled meeting. Most of my numerology consultations are done via Skype or by phone. Top of Form

. If you are not fully satisfied with numerology consultation, you will receive a full refund.

The complete numerology consultation lasts 1.5 hours.

Investment: $150Bottom of Form

(for a 1.5-hour session)

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“Numerology Consultation 1.5-hour session”

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