July 2016 Astrology – Turning Point


Are you ready for a change of scenery in July? Who doesn’t need a break after 2.5 months of Mars retrograde movement and many other rare and intense astrological aspects of 2016? I want to remind you that 2016 is the year of finishing what we have started in this 9-year cycle. It’s a year of letting go of the old, and getting ready to start fresh. We are doing an enormous amount of forgiveness, processing, and sorting out the old from the new!

As much as I wish to announce to you that July offers us a break, it’s not going to be feel very light until the second half of the month. The theme for this month is “healing our emotional and relationship issues” and “making steady progress based on a firm emotional foundation.” The main lesson we are learning now is to take care of our own emotional needs, instead of looking for stability in other people. Any relationship begins with your relationship with yourself. Give yourself the time that you need to feel any unresolved emotions and let them go. Make sure to prioritize self-care and time for yourself this month. We are building a very strong foundation for the future now.

The good news is that Mars has finally turned direct relative to the Earth. Mars is a planet of our actions, desires, passions, and motivation. It feels more natural for Mars to move forward, instead of reflecting on the next steps. It has been a long retrograde period for Mars, and it has a deeper purpose. Since April 17, we were clarifying where we want to go next, so that our actions are fully aligned with who we are and what we stand for. We are finally ready to move in the direction of our passions and desires with more confidence, authenticity, and greater self-awareness.

However, we are not going to start moving very fast immediately, because Mars is moving really slow in July. It stays almost in the same spot in intense and introspective Scorpio for the first two weeks. Then it slowly gains momentum throughout summer. This adds intensity to an already very emotional part of the year.

We want to move forward faster, but something still stops us. Although this time isn’t easy for us to handle, I know that many of us feel much more clarity and direction about where we are going next in career, relationship, and life in general. We have already let go of so many fears, reservations, and blocks this year. It will only get better from here!

In numerology, July is the 7th month in the 9th Universal year, and, therefore, it is a 16/7 month. 7 is the number that represents introspection, contemplation, intuition, sensitivity, and the search for truth. The vibration of this month is really high. We want to reach a higher level of wisdom by not only understanding who we are as people, but also by realizing how we can serve the world and contribute to it in the best possible way. The questions you can ask yourself this month: “How am I expressing my truth?” and “What gifts do I have to contribute to the world?” These are very serious questions, but the energy of Leo later in July will help us to look at them playfully and honestly at the same time.

Important Dates for July 2016:

 First Half of July

The first two weeks of July are very emotional and intense. The New Moon in Cancer is at 7:01 am EST on the 4th of July. The new moon is the time to set intentions for the rest of the month and to reset the energy. This new moon holds a great potential for releasing old emotional patterns in our relationships with family members, loved ones, friends, co-workers, and with ourselves. It’s a good time to review all of your important relationships, and make necessary adjustments to the old patterns that no longer work for you.

After so much exphoto-1453227588063-bb302b62f50bternal action and chaos in June, the first half of July will feel much quieter and more introspective. Although there is less stress in the air, we have all these inner feelings to work with. Doubts and fears may resurface, so that they can be acknowledged and resolved internally. We are exploring and healing deep emotional issues that originate from the past. There will be many opportunities for karmic release and complete resolution of old emotional wounds. Although we are dealing with very complex problems now, it will be relatively easy to solve them now because we have been preparing for this for a long time. This is a very healing month!

As you go through this process, several suggestions might be helpful:

  1. Set clear intentions around the 4th about what you would like to release and what you would like to add into your life.
  2. Write down every lesson that you have learned in the past few months. These realizations will help to sustain your energy as you move forward.
  3. Keep your eyes on where you are going, even if it seems that you are not making progress fast enough. Trust that every step counts, and consistent effort will bring the results at the end.

Second Half of July

The second half of July has a very different feel to it. As Mercury and Venus move into Leo on the 12th and 13th, we will experience a shift of energy from intense emotions to inspired action. Finally, we will begin to see the rewards of all the work we have been doing. We have gone through so much, and now we are ready to shine our light and share our talents with the world with increased confidence and strength. This is a more active part of the month, where we will be able to apply what we have learned so far to make sustainable progress in all areas of our lives.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th will provide practical and grounded energy to bring the intentions we set around the new moon to completion. We can start living new relationship patterns that we have established earlier. This is the time to start using the new emotional awareness that we have worked for so hard in the first half of the month.

Overall, we no longer feel that we are stuck in the past, although we might get frustrated that we are not moving towards what we want fast enough. We might begin questioning our goals or our methods. That’s why it is important to keep making steady progress every day, keeping your eyes on your priorities. Otherwise, it is easy to get distracted and loose the momentum. We are getting exactly where we want to be, it just takes time to get there.

Four Attitudes to Adopt This Month

Here are my four recommendations for July. Consider applying them, if they resonate with you.

  1. Trust that each step brings you a little closer to where you want to get and be patient with yourself.
  2. Release toxic emotional patterns in the first part of the month.
  3. Schedule self-care in your calendar.
  4. Review the first half of 2016 and celebrate how far you’ve come.

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Wonderful article. I thoroughly enjoyed it 😉

I have a habit now to read your horoscope mid-month again. It really helps. Thanks.