June 2016 Astrology – Dynamic Flow


After a deep immersion into a period of reflection and incubation of ideas during a big planetary retrograde season in Spring, we find ourselves in a very dynamic flow of energy in June. June feels lighter, more flexible and flowing with so many planets in mutable signs. It will also be the time for some big decisions and declarations of where we want to go next. Nothing is going to be set in stone or finalized yet, so feel free to explore different projects and try out new ideas before you make a commitment. The themes for this month are “love and appreciation” of yourself and others in your life and “dynamic flow and adaptability”. It is also about our connection with the Divine, as well as with everyone in our life. If you still hold a grudge or cannot let go of past mistakes, now it’s going to be easier to do that. We are moving towards seeing our own self-worth and realizing that we don’t need anyone’s approval to be our best. We are already perfect, just the way we are!

In numerology, June is the 6th month in the 9th UniveMOTHER'S DAYrsal year, and, therefore, it is a 15/6 month. 6 is a number of love and harmony. 9th year is about learning to love unconditional through letting go of the blocks and barriers to love. 1 represents self-expression and identity, and 5 could be interpreted as our heart, soul, the center of our essence. Putting it all together, we are learning to love ourselves and others unconditionally through speaking, thinking, and acting from the heart. Questions you can ask yourself this month are: “How am I thinking about myself that supports my self-worth?” and “How am I expressing unconditional love in my life?” Every day, when we are choosing to express our individuality fully and completely, we are getting to know yet another aspect of who we are. This aspect would never have been revealed to the world, if we didn’t have the courage to follow our deepest heart desire. Another potential becomes known to us, as a result of following our intuition and our heart. It is a constant process of growth and unfoldment of our potential, where we are both the main character and the witness of this transformation.

Important Dates for June 2016:

 First Part of the Month

From the very beginning of the month you might have started feeling the energy of dynamic and lighthearted flow of events and energies. The key is to stay unattached to a specific outcome and navigate through these changes with grace and ease. In other words, if we do what needs to be done without holding on the past or to a specific outcome, we will reach the state of peace that doesn’t depend on external circumstances. This is the biggest lesson of June – we can be calm, happy, and joyful in the midst of change. There is a lot happening on the outside, but nevertheless it is somehow possible to maintain poise and clarity in all of this. I started feeling this beautiful sense of flow from the last days of May.

June begins very powerfully with a dynamic New Moon in Gemini on June 4th at 11:00 pm EST. New moon is a time of resetting our goals and planting the seeds for this monthly cycle. This New Moon occurs in the sign Gemini with Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, still retrograding in Taurus. This means that we are giving birth to new projects that will reflect how we are thinking about our own self-worth, our values, and material abundance, in general.  What we are starting right now will continue to grow and develop throughout this month and beyond. We are exploring the concept of money and value now. It’s the time when we can try new and helpful ideas that will help us appreciate our own talents and gifts and see our true value.

During this new moon, Venus is going to be conjunct the Sun and the Moon, putting extra emphasis on self-worth, our values, and romantic love and beauty. The beginning of the month is a perfect time to create a list of beliefs about yourself. What do you think about yourself and your talents and skills on a daily basis? How would you l_MG_7721qike to change or adjust these thoughts? Create two lists:

  1. beliefs about yourself that you are holding now, and
  2. beliefs about yourself you would like to adopt.

It’s a perfect time now to let go of past ideas that no longer serve you, and start fresh. June is not only the month to let go of the past, but also the month of planting the seeds and beginning a new trajectory in self-care, relationship, and career.

Another area that can be significantly upgraded this month is the area of love and romantic relationships. Someone said that you need to focus on your relationship with yourself first, before you can build a healthy and fulfilling relationship with anyone else. I subscribe to the same principle when I work with my clients on their relationship issues. June can be the month to improve your existing relationship if you are in a relationship, or upgrade what you think about love and relationship, in general, if you are not in a relationship. If you are looking for a relationship, this might help:

  1. Try asking yourself these questions around the 4th of June and do some journaling on them.
  2. Read a book about building healthy relationship. You can gain new insights and make a lot of progress in this area now.
  3. Book a session with a coach who specializes in relationship coaching, like me. Your intention and desire for change can move mountains. All of these would be especially helpful in June.

On June 9, Mercury opposes Mars. Mercury in Taurus makes our thinking very methodical and practical. Mars is in Scorpio is very powerful and forceful. There could be a tendency to get into an argument over something superficial during this time. Between 12th and 14th, there are two positive aspects between Venus and Sun and Uranus. This will be a good time to re-connect with your vision for an ideal relationship and your dreams. Write down a list of qualities that are important for you in a relationship or 10 things you want to do together. Dream on!

Second Part of the Month                          

Saturn squares Neptune on June 17. We are learning about establishing healthy boundaries and taking responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives. It is not always easy to stay connected to our true Self, listen to it, and act on the intuitive insights that we have received no matter what others think. We are called to do just that – sort out the true from the false, truth from illusions, and set our priorities straight. Don’t be surprised if you feel more emotional and confused around the 17th. On the same day, Venus enters Cancer, which makes the energy more nurturing and soft.

On the 20th at 7:00 am EST, we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is the second full moon in Sagittarius, which makes it a Blue Moon. The energy of this full moon is very fleeting and rapidly changing, as the Moon moves to the next sign and Sun move to Cancer within hours after the full moon. The symbology of the dynamic change and quick adaptability is here as well. We are dancing with the Universe in an eternal dance of love.


On June 29th, Mars goes direct. Things will start moving faster. Overall, this month of adaptability and dynamic flow is a perfect time to look at your life in a new way, in order to see where you want to introduce some changes. Do you notice any patterns that need to be released? What area of your life do you want to improve? We are changing collectively, but this change begins with each and every one of us.

Four Attitudes to Adopt This Month

Here are my four recommendations for June. Consider applying them, if they resonate with you.

  1. Set your goals for the rest of the year around June 4th.
  2. Examine your beliefs about love towards yourself and others.
  3. Take a dance or movement class to embody the experience of dancing with the Universe, or just dance at home.
  4. Determine which area(s) of life you would like to improve and start making small steps towards it.

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I am just curious how much faster will it start moving in the 29th. By far June has been insanely fast