Numerology Consultation


Numerology is a useful ancient self-discovery tool and a divination art. I combine several different numerology systems to understand your life purpose, your gifts, and your main lessons in this life. Also, numerology profile provides answers about your talents, tendencies, and qualities that you already have and that you are still to develop.

A numerology chart provides a complete roadmap for your life that is always with you from birth. Learning the information it contains helps us make better decisions, brings clarity, and increases self-awareness. During our consultation, we will discuss information in your numerology chart that is relevant to you right now. It will help you start moving toward your highest path in life with greater awareness of your life purpose and understanding of how you could realize it.

In my readings, I use a mix of classical numerology (Pythagoras’ square, compatibility), eastern numerology (Lo-Shu square and energy chart), western numerology (birth chart), and predictive numerology (life cycles, challenges and pinnacles, personal year, personal month, and personal day).

I combine these systems in my consultations to answer your deepest questions and to give you an overview of your Soul’s path. We will clarify your main lessons for this lifetime, qualities that it intends to develop, and resources and opportunities that are available for you.

As a part of your numerology consultation, we will look at your life energy chart and where you are now in terms of your life cycles. This helps to put your life in temporal perspective and adjust your goals in accordance with your natural biological rhythms and the vibrations of the Universe.  We reach the highest level of satisfaction and fulfillment only when we live our Soul’s plan and learn the lessons we intended to learn in each period of our lives.

Numerology chart analysis is an invaluable resource for parents and grandparents who practice conscious parenting and would like to consider individual characteristics and gifts of a young child. Early childhood is an extremely potent time to help your children build a solid foundation for their future life.

Your numerology chart and your numerology profile provide answers to the following questions:

What I needed to prepare your numerology profile: After booking a session with me, you will receive a message from me asking about your birth date and your full name. Numerology consultations are done via Zoom, Skype, or by phone. If you would like to order a written report to give someone as a gift or if you have specific questions you would like to discuss during our consultation, please send me an email at to indicate your request. As with any of my services, if you are not fully satisfied with your numerology consultation,  I will be happy to issue a full refund.

A complete numerology consultation lasts 1.5 hours.

Cost: $150

Numerology Consultation 1.5-hour session

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