Individual Coaching Sessions

“Hey Tanya, I wanted to write you to express to you how wonderful I feel about the processing we do together. This has been the most effective way I have found so far to clear out resistance.  It feels so right and I LOVE the resolutions every time! I am thankful for the sacred atmosphere we hold together and thankful for your energies because I do feel comfortable to be honest with you. I feel that being able to open up to everything I feel has been key to releasing of all these patterns I have been holding on to. It is such a liberating process! I perceive that the more of these obstacles/polarities that are cleared then my true/positive joyful self will emerge and flows freely and naturally. At the end of the day I do want to feel good about myself, and full-filled and joyful… and then to be around and share with other people that also love themselves and feel successful and happy. This processing is such a great tool to get closer and closer to knowing infinite possibilities and potential. It is definitely helping me untangle all the contradictions I have in my belief system. Thank you thank you thank you Tanya!” ~Jasmine

“I’m happy to report that I have resolved my issues around the abstract thought, visualization and experience of taking action.  This has been the issue I’ve been working on for the past 6 months and I’m so happy to be finally rid of it.  …I just beat one of my biggest problems. Thank you for all your help!” ~Chris

“Tanya, this is some kind of a miracle! I’m enjoying observing this process so much, although a lot of negative feelings come up… Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you!” ~Victoria

“I would like to share my experience and results after working with Tanya. I had suffered from certain fears and loss of confidence in my abilities. I didn’t believe in my power, so to speak. After working on this issue, some changes occured in about 3 months. What I accomplished as a result? I have planned 2 trips to Italy by myself. Now I am planning another trip. Before that I have never been in other countries, let alone by myself, and I don’t know any foreign languages. I even didn’t notice myself how I started to change and do something differently. Life was just going the way it was, events were occurring, and after it was accomplished, I realized – that’s it! I would have never dared to do something like that before.” ~Alexandra

“I would like to thank you again! I really felt much better in my heart recently! I am connecting that with you! It’s even easier to breathe! This is so cool! I would like to talk to you about work later, maybe I will get some revelations in that area of my life too!” ~Elena

“Thank you very much for our session! Now I have twice as much energy and the fear has completely vanished.”  ~Svetlana

Course Facilitation

“This course was very helpful in that each week my connection to spirit was strengthened in ways of reminding me of who I truly am and what is most important in life. The most valuable things I gained in this course were the importance of remembering who I truly am and setting aside time every day to connect with my higher essence and spirit. I connected so deeply with my facilitator Tanya Molodtsova and the Spiritual Awakening Course. Tanya, I felt your strong yet loving presence throughout the duration of the course.  Thank you for your own personal sharing, understanding, openness and guidance.” ~Patty

“Rev. Tanya, thank you for your beautiful connection with Holy Spirit and your willingness to be open and honest with us. You are a brilliant and compassionate facilitator – a great balance of disciplined commitment to your role and a gentle spirit.” ~Maura

“Rev. Tanya I appreciate your gentle way of facilitating and going with the flow, while covering the material thoroughly. Thank you. I love you!”~Cathy