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July 2016 Astrology – Turning Point

Are you ready for a change of scenery in July? Who doesn’t need a break after 2.5 months of Mars retrograde movement and many other rare and intense astrological aspects of 2016? I want to remind you that 2016 is the year of finishing what we have started in this 9-year cycle. It’s a year of letting go of the old, and getting ready to start fresh. We are doing an enormous amount of forgiveness, processing, and sorting out the old from the new!

As much as I wish to announce to you that July offers us a break, it’s not going to be feel very light until the second half of the month. The theme for this month is “healing our emotional and relationship issues” and “making steady progress based on a firm emotional foundation.” The main lesson we are learning now is to take care of our own emotional needs, instead of looking for stability in other people. Any relationship begins with your relationship with yourself. Give yourself the time that you need to feel any unresolved emotions and let them go. Make sure to prioritize self-care and time for yourself this month. We are building a very strong foundation for the future now. Continue reading July 2016 Astrology – Turning Point


June 2016 Astrology – Dynamic Flow

After a deep immersion into a period of reflection and incubation of ideas during a big planetary retrograde season in Spring, we find ourselves in a very dynamic flow of energy in June. June feels lighter, more flexible and flowing with so many planets in mutable signs. It will also be the time for some big decisions and declarations of where we want to go next. Nothing is going to be set in stone or finalized yet, so feel free to explore different projects and try out new ideas before you make a commitment. The themes for this month are “love and appreciation” of yourself and others in your life and “dynamic flow and adaptability”. It is also about our connection with the Divine, as well as with everyone in our life. If you still hold a grudge or cannot let go of past mistakes, now it’s going to be easier to do that. We are moving towards seeing our own self-worth and realizing that we don’t need anyone’s approval to be our best. We are already perfect, just the way we are!

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