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July 2016 Astrology – Turning Point

Are you ready for a change of scenery in July? Who doesn’t need a break after 2.5 months of Mars retrograde movement and many other rare and intense astrological aspects of 2016? I want to remind you that 2016 is the year of finishing what we have started in this 9-year cycle. It’s a year of letting go of the old, and getting ready to start fresh. We are doing an enormous amount of forgiveness, processing, and sorting out the old from the new!

As much as I wish to announce to you that July offers us a break, it’s not going to be feel very light until the second half of the month. The theme for this month is “healing our emotional and relationship issues” and “making steady progress based on a firm emotional foundation.” The main lesson we are learning now is to take care of our own emotional needs, instead of looking for stability in other people. Any relationship begins with your relationship with yourself. Give yourself the time that you need to feel any unresolved emotions and let them go. Make sure to prioritize self-care and time for yourself this month. We are building a very strong foundation for the future now. Continue reading July 2016 Astrology – Turning Point


Astronumerology Forecast for March 2016

March is going to be a big month! With all the energy of two eclipses, there is a sense of dynamic flexibility and free flow in March, which can make it hard to focus the energy on specific goals. It is helpful to start this month with a list of goals or intentions and an overall plan of action. This overall plan can be used flexibly throughout the month, following inspiration and making necessary adjustments. It is also an emotionally intense month, when we are going through some changes either in terms of our approach to different areas of life or in terms of actual physical circumstances.

I see this month as the one when we are planting the seeds for future changes. That is why it is important to maintain focus on the true intentions of your heart when doing this. It will be literally impossible to conceal what is important to you anymore. One way or the other, you are going to get in touch with your deepest dreams and desires. This is exactly what we need to do before we start actively implementing them. If you want to see how March fits into 2016, and what major aspects are waiting for us later in the year, check out this summary of the skies by Kelly’s Astrology.

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Astronumerology Forecast for February 2016

This year, February is defining the energy for 2016. We will get a chance to clarify our goals, look back at January and 2015 once again, reset our intentions for 2016 around the New Moon on February 8th, and start seeing the results towards the end of the month. It is a powerful month because, in addition to the New Moon, we have the Chinese New Year on February 8th that signifies the beginning of the year of the Fire Monkey. Monkey is imaginative, freedom-loving, and lively, and the element of fire represents inspiration, passion, energy, and creativity. February is preparing us to step into the energy of 2016 fully.

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