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New Moon in Pisces on March 17, 2018 – Letting Go and Affirming Your Life

The main themes for this lunar month are:

  • Releasing our collective and individual pain;
  • Learning and using self-healing techniques;
  • Approaching each other with compassion and forgiveness;
  • Using nature, and more specifically water element, for healing the past wounds;
  • Learning to say no and setting healthy boundaries;
  • Letting go of the old;
  • Accept what is and bringing in the new energy;
  • Using affirmations to create what we are inspired to create.

Sun and Moon meet Chiron in Pisces in the skies. We are releasing the victimhood stories of pain and suffering and replacing them with a new story. Starting from now, we can see our lives in a completely new light. We go back at our lives and collectively let go of the past and move from pain and divisiveness to happiness and wholeness. It is time to heal all the wounds.

In the meanwhile, we can be shown situations that no longer serve us because we’ve outgrown them. We are shown what needs healing. This lunar month, we can use the cosmic energies to meditate and tune into releasing all our pain. Karmic wounds that involve the closest family members may surface. Family stories may com to the surface to be healed. Approach these situations with wisdom and grace. If they surface and request your attention in your memories or in real life, meet them with kindness, objectivity, and detachment. Remember that this is an opportunity for acceptance, healing, and letting go.

At the same time, Pisces makes us vulnerable and emotional. It doesn’t mean that it will be easy to stay graceful and detached. This month, we can consciously work with the element of water to release the past. As we are able to release old grievances and rewrite our old stories, we become wiser and more connected to our spiritual essence.

If we consciously decide to do this work, it can literally rewrite the story of our lives.  Decide that you are no longer a victim in your life. You can have everything you want. Declare what you want and it’s going to be true for you. This month, your intention expressed in words can have an immediate energetic effect in how other people see you.

Sun, Moon, and Chiron in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter heightens our intuitive skills and our connection to our highest potential. We can go really deep into the parts of our psyche that were not accessible before. In this process of releasing the past and freeing the future, nature can be our greatest teacher and a perfect healing agent. Nature knows how to be renewed and reborn. It can be a good time to turn to herbal medicine, shamanic healing, essential oils, and good old walks in the park. We are learning to maintain the connection to our own inner authority and bring it into the world through inspired action.

Sun, Moon, and Chiron in Pisces square Mars in Scorpio. This is an opportunity to release suppressed anger that was stored for many years. We can also let go of guilt that is related to the expression of anger and sexuality. Look at the old emotional wounds, let yourself feel them for a moment, and let them go.

Using The Water Element for Transformation This Month

Here are a couple of suggestion of how you can use water element this month:

  • Take a baths with Epsom salts and essential oils,
  • Go to the pool and swim,
  • Go to a sauna, or
  • Go for a walk at a lake or a river.

Water can help us release stuck emotions and mental patterns this month. You can simply imaging that you are standing under a waterfall. Imagine that water flows through you, cleansing all parts of your body and your aura, and eliminating anything that you don’t need and restoring everything that needs to be restored and integrated.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries from March 22 to April 15. If you are starting something new this month, think it through and plan ahead. This is not the time to rush into new projects. Careful planning and step-by-step execution will lead to positive results. Before you start anything, make sure that your emotions are aligned with your thoughts and actions. It’s a good time to focus on writing projects, journaling, and meditating. Our mental focus is strong and penetrating.

Venus conjunct Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn trine North Node in Leo. Redefine your relationships and become more responsible and more mature about how we are using our skills and abilities. It is time to accept your talents and find a way to step into your authentic self.  Choose your thoughts very carefully this month. Affirmations are your biggest friend this month.

Affirmations Exercise:

  1. Create five affirmations you would like to start living in the next year.
  2. Say them with intention and watch them become reality this month.

Have a wonderful and transformative month!


New Moon in Aries – March 27 2017

The New Moon in Aries on March 27th opens a new astrological cycle with three main topics:

  • – courage in action;
  • – following your soul’s calling; and
  • – female empowerment.

Courage in Action

The theme for this New Moon in Aries is courage in action. We are embodying what it truly means to be who we are and accept our unique individuality and path in life.

We are learning to make every decision from the place of knowing what we want and what we don’t want. Click To Tweet

There are three elements of courage in action:

  1. First, it assumes that you have a clear idea about where you are going and what is consistent with your goals.
  2. Second, you also know what you are no longer willing to accept precisely because it is not aligned with where you want to be.
  3. Third, you are ready, willing, and able to take committed action towards your goals.

Following Your Soul’s Calling

This New Moon is deeply connected to the Venus cycle, which strengthens the same topic of discerning your values and putting them into action, appreciating yourself and being genuinely comfortable in your own skin. Venus has just started a new cycle in Aries on March 25th, and it will continue for the next 19 months. We should expect this general theme to be important during this period. We are finally coming home to a place where we can relax and let go of all masks and pretenses. We are able to hear our Soul’s calling, and  have the strength to honor it by taking concrete action.

Female Empowerment

a_womans_worthIn “A Woman’s Worth,” Marianne Williamson delivers a strong message of empowerment to modern women of all ages. The book discusses deep archetypal themes, such as the masculine and the feminine, beauty, relationships, career, and sex.

Before any woman is able to give her best to the world, and thus find true happiness and fulfilment, she must turn inside and heal her own heart. Obviously, the same is equally true for men. We cannot expect ourselves to build a healthy world based on old unresolved pain that almost every woman and man carries inside from childhood.

The following quote from Chapter 3, “A Magnificent Adventure,” summarizes the predicament we are in:

Many of us grew up in dysfunctional families, because modern society is a dysfunctional place. But the spiritual journey, the path of recovery and personal growth, is a detoxification process in which we bring up and out the negative beliefs we have carried with us from the past and that now poison the present. We then learn to invoke the flame within us, which did not go out during dark and difficult years. However confused we might have become, angels protected and shielded us. Our spirits did not die. There is an ever-renewable natural strength within us that still exists and is accessible now, regardless of what Mommy did and didn’t do, how Daddy loved us or ignored us, or whether we’ve succeeded or failed at life so far. I call that innocent place within every woman the lost girl.

“I could have been mystical princess! I should have been mystical princess! I was supposed to be mystical princess!” Thus cries the woman who has tried to reclaim her lost girl. The lost girl is still within us – the girl who wasn’t allowed to blossom, the girl whose natural childhood instincts were unnaturally capped at puberty, the girl who was squelched in fear of the woman she would become. For years we live damaged, cut off from the true expression of who we are because we don’t know who we are. We are numb to our own creative juices. No one held space for our gorgeousness, and now we can’t find it. As maidens, we were crushed. We were treated with suspicious looks at the very moment someone should have been turning up the applause. We don’t know how to be women, because we were taught it was not OK to be girls. Our most natural impulses were thwarted and distorted. We were like lava channeled into plastic molds.”live-your-dream-2045928_1280

Final Thoughts and Further Reading

We live in such a fast-paced world right now that we can see the results of our limiting beliefs almost immediately in our own lives and in the news on TV. Healing and self-forgiveness are not some woo-woo ideas, but practical necessities for everyone if we want to evolve as humanity.

Earlier this year, I wrote two articles on inner strength and power of commitment to yourself. It might be helpful to reflect on these ideas. These seems to be overarching themes not only for this month, but also for the entire year, with 2017 being a universal year 1 (2+0+1+7) in numerology.

Have a great month of April!

About the Author

life_purpose_coachingTanya Ince, Ph.D is a Life Coach,  Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, numerologist, TFT-Diagnostics facilitator, and trainer of Spiritual Technology methods of Zivorad Slavinski. On her blog, Tanya provides insights about personal development, practical spirituality, astrology, and numerology. Connect with Tanya on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @TanyaCoaching.

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Step Into Power: Solar Eclipse Activates the Age of Aquarius

Between February 10th and February 26th, we were in the period between the two eclipses. That means that karmic events and serendipitous meetings surround us. The eclipses are charged with a massive amount of cosmic energy. We can direct this potent energy to bring about changes in our lives, release the old toxic patterns of thinking, and welcome the new Age of Aquarius.

During this eclipse season, we are forced to take extreme actions related to relationships, money, and financial success.

To fully step into power and freedom, we need to let go of ideas we believed in for a long time.Click To Tweet

However, there is a lot of support now for shifting and transforming these areas. As we approach the Solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces on Sunday, February 26, we start feeling the intensity of this transformational energy.

Astrologers believe that each Age lasts for about 2100 years, and we have just entered the Aquarian Age after having spent two millennia in the Age of Pisces. Innovative and future-oriented Aquarius asks us to take responsibility for our unique talents and play an active role in creating a better world.

We have been learning through pain and suffering for many years now. I think we are ready as humanity to make the next step and choose to make a shift from helplessness to power. We are ready to release complaining and victim mentality, let go of toxic relationships, jobs and unhealthy addictions, and welcome the unknown. Continue reading Step Into Power: Solar Eclipse Activates the Age of Aquarius


July 2016 Astrology – Turning Point

Are you ready for a change of scenery in July? Who doesn’t need a break after 2.5 months of Mars retrograde movement and many other rare and intense astrological aspects of 2016? I want to remind you that 2016 is the year of finishing what we have started in this 9-year cycle. It’s a year of letting go of the old, and getting ready to start fresh. We are doing an enormous amount of forgiveness, processing, and sorting out the old from the new!

As much as I wish to announce to you that July offers us a break, it’s not going to be feel very light until the second half of the month. The theme for this month is “healing our emotional and relationship issues” and “making steady progress based on a firm emotional foundation.” The main lesson we are learning now is to take care of our own emotional needs, instead of looking for stability in other people. Any relationship begins with your relationship with yourself. Give yourself the time that you need to feel any unresolved emotions and let them go. Make sure to prioritize self-care and time for yourself this month. We are building a very strong foundation for the future now. Continue reading July 2016 Astrology – Turning Point

Blog. May 2016

Astronumerology Forecast for May 2016

May is the month of inner exploration and growth. It will uncover many long-forgotten aspects of ourselves. We are redefining the way we show up in the world and changing our perception about ourselves and our value in the world. As a result, we will be able to act from a more authentic place and be more aligned with the truth of who we are. The energy of May is gentler, sweeter, and more fun than the turbulence of April.

In numerology, May is the 4 month in the 9 Universal year, and, therefore, it is a 14/5 month. 5 is a very flexible and dynamic number that requires taking risks, making quick decisions, and exploring different opportunities as they arise. In May, there will be a lot of movement, both in a literal sense and metaphorically speaking. We are learning how to fully express our talents and gifts in the world and how to commit to what is true to us.

Continue reading Astronumerology Forecast for May 2016


Astronumerology Forecast for April 2016

The theme for April is “patience and building the foundation for steady progress”. Patience has to feel a little awkward during the Aries season. Aries is enthusiastic, spontaneous, and courageous. Inspired by new ideas, it moves forward and initiates new projects quickly and without too much pre-meditation. This month, however, we are forced to reconsider anything we are about to get into, so that we are absolutely confident that we can proudly sign our name on whatever we are doing. Everything we engage in right now has to represent who we are accurately and authentically. Otherwise, it won’t last too long, and we will be wasting our energy.

It might seem that the fast-moving energy of the first half of the month slows down towards the end of April and what we put a lot of energy into doesn’t bring the results we hoped for. This is only an illusion. It is important not to take it as a sign that you are moving in the wrong direction, or that you need to push harder. We need this quiet moment of retrospection to reflect on how far we’ve come, review our intentions, and make sure that everything that we do is fully aligned with who we are.

In numerology, April is the 4 month in the 9 Universal year, and, thus, it vibrates at the frequency of 13/4. The frequency of 4 represents stability, practicality, and material creation. Numbers 1 and 3 mean creativity that reflects our unique individual expression for the sake of pure joy and satisfaction that comes from creating something new and making it a reality. We are learning to be authentic in everything that we do, say, feel, or think. It might take some time until we fully see the fruits of our labor, but it won’t take too long for them to manifest if we stand in our truth and don’t compromise.

Important Dates for April 2016:

  • Sun in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius on April 5 (18.9 8.8)
  • New Moon in Aries on April 7 (20.2 6.6)
  • Venus in Aries trines Mars in Sagittarius on April 12 (25.7 23.5)
  • Mercury in Taurus trines Jupiter in Virgo on April 14 (27.9 25.7)
  • Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on April 17 (30.3 28.1)
  • Mars stations retrograde on April 17 (21.3 19.1)
  • Sun enters Taurus on April 19 (23.5 21.3)
  • Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22 (35.8 31.4)
  • Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus on April 28 (41.5 37.1)

First Part of the Month

In the first part of the month, we feel a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and aliveness. The New Moon on April 7th in Aries brings new beginnings, new people, and new connections in our life. At the same time we have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in retrograde for the entire month, which bring in more stability and retrospection. The first week of April is the time when we can get a lot done and see progress as a result of our actions. A harmonious aspect between the Sun and Saturn just before the New Moon on the 5th, makes all of our inspired beginnings stabilized and grounded in responsibility and practicality of Saturn.

Second Part of the Month

As we approach the middle of the month, we have a very harmonious aspect between Venus and Mars on April 12th, which makes this time very good for romantic connections and anything related to what we love. On April 14-17, Mercury forms a harmonious trine with Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs. During this time, we can experience increased clarity, and practical breakthrough in communication. New, lucky life-changing opportunities might show up and move whatever we are working on to a new level. We feel that everything works out as we want.

On April 17th, Mars stations retrograde until June 29th. Mars goes retrograde every two years. We might feel less progress and less energy during this time. It is important not to push for things to happen faster, but spend this time to reflect and review what we have done so far. This period of reflection is necessary to assure that the progress that we will make later in summer will be based on solid foundation. Here is an article that talks about Mars retrograde in more detail.

 Sun enters Taurus on April 19th, and we have the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22. Taurus is about simple accumulation of material resources, like building a house, while Scorpio likes to look at everything under the microscope and explore the depth of the emotions. What we started growing during the new moon on April 7 starts to come to fruition now, and we are aware of how we are transformed as a result of giving birth to these new ideas. We might start to value ourselves and what we have to offer more as a result of being true to ourselves.

The month finishes as Mercury turns retrograde and joins Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. 5 planets will be retrograding until May 9th. This hasn’t happen before for more than 10 years. With so many planets in retrograde it might seem that things are not moving quickly enough. This is not the time, however, to sit and do nothing. On the contrary, we can use this time to do what’s necessary to make sure steady progress, and to prepare for the next stage, when Mercury is going to turn direct on May 22 in Taurus. Overall, we are learning to be patient, authentic, and in-touch with our core beliefs, so that they can be reflected in everything that we do.

Four Attitudes to Adopt This Month

Here are my four suggestions to adopt in April. Consider applying them, if they resonate with you.

  1. Stay positive and don’t give up when things don’t work as fast as you want. If you trust in yourself, the rewards will be immense.
  2. Be gentle with yourself and surround yourself with people who supports you.
  3. Think in terms of long-term plans and take care of everything that you need now to pave the way for the future.
  4. Journal and reflect on your career, relationships, and other areas of your life. Do they reflect your values? This year we are learning to let go of anything that is not aligned with who we are deep inside. The energy of the planet supports this process fully now. It is much easier to live authentically now than it used to be.

Astronumerology Forecast for March 2016

March is going to be a big month! With all the energy of two eclipses, there is a sense of dynamic flexibility and free flow in March, which can make it hard to focus the energy on specific goals. It is helpful to start this month with a list of goals or intentions and an overall plan of action. This overall plan can be used flexibly throughout the month, following inspiration and making necessary adjustments. It is also an emotionally intense month, when we are going through some changes either in terms of our approach to different areas of life or in terms of actual physical circumstances.

I see this month as the one when we are planting the seeds for future changes. That is why it is important to maintain focus on the true intentions of your heart when doing this. It will be literally impossible to conceal what is important to you anymore. One way or the other, you are going to get in touch with your deepest dreams and desires. This is exactly what we need to do before we start actively implementing them. If you want to see how March fits into 2016, and what major aspects are waiting for us later in the year, check out this summary of the skies by Kelly’s Astrology.

Continue reading Astronumerology Forecast for March 2016


Astronumerology Forecast for February 2016

This year, February is defining the energy for 2016. We will get a chance to clarify our goals, look back at January and 2015 once again, reset our intentions for 2016 around the New Moon on February 8th, and start seeing the results towards the end of the month. It is a powerful month because, in addition to the New Moon, we have the Chinese New Year on February 8th that signifies the beginning of the year of the Fire Monkey. Monkey is imaginative, freedom-loving, and lively, and the element of fire represents inspiration, passion, energy, and creativity. February is preparing us to step into the energy of 2016 fully.

Continue reading Astronumerology Forecast for February 2016