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What Makes Us Strong?

Last week, my friend has used a word “resilient” to describe my character. A few days earlier, my husband told me that I am the strongest person he knows. That made me think about what makes someone strong or weak. Are some people born strong and others weak? Can we develop inner strength?

After pondering these questions, I’m convinced that everyone is inherently strong, although not everyone can see their strength. We become what we believe ourselves to be. So when you believe you are weak, consciously or unconsciously, you begin to display the characteristics of weakness and look for the proof it is so in your life.

The good news is that inner strength can be reclaimed and restored in anyone, even if weakness and adversity is all that a person can see at the moment. Your mind is very powerful, and it always reinforces in you the values and qualities that you consistently put your attention on.

Below are six main characteristics of a strong person. This is my own list that is not exclusive. There are many other qualities that can be associated with inner strength. For example, Linda Durnell focuses on resiliency, self-esteem, love, faith, and acceptance in her article in the Huffington Post. Continue reading What Makes Us Strong?