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How to Clean Up Your Mental Diet

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.”


Quantity vs. Quality of Information

In the 16th159576-004-39776F0D century, scientists such as Conrad Gesner expressed concerns that the information overload from mass production of books might negatively affect the human mind after the invention of the printing press. Back then, lay people were not accustomed to the availability of scientific and occult knowledge. Such warnings have been made for centuries, and likely will be made for centuries to come as we accumulate even more complex networks of information. However, I see that the issue of the quality of information we consume is even more important now than the issue of quantity. Did we drop the standards for the quality of information we consume too low? Is there a correlation between the quantity and quality of information?

Information Overload

During the last decade, we’ve become strangely accustomed to information overload. People are complaining less about it now than before. Many people actually like to have access to more information now than before. According to the 2016 PEW Research Center survey, most Americans do not feel that information overload is a problem for them. Only 20% say they feel overloaded by information, which is less than the 27% a decade ago. 77% say they like having so much information at their fingertips, and 67% say that having more information at their disposals actually helps to simplify their lives.

Daniel Levitin, McGill University psychology professor and author of The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload, says in his book: “In 1976, there were 9,000 products in the average grocery store, and now it’s ballooned to 40,000 products. And yet most of us can get almost all our shopping done in just 150 items, so you’re having to ignore tens of thousands of times every time you go shopping.” The speed at which the quantity of generated information has increased in perfectly summarized in this quote: “I’ve read estimates there were 30 exabytes of information 10 years ago and today, there’s 300 exabytes of information.”


Information We Consume Turns into Our Life Experiences

With a dramatic increase in quantity of information, the question of quality becomes event more important. Does the quality of information drop on average with a sharp increase in its quantity? If yes, it must have an effect on the quality of our lives. Think about it for a moment. Everything we perceive during the day is processed by our brains. What we put into our mind, stays there and cannot be easily removed. Sooner or later, what we put into our mind directly affects our moods, our words, and our actions.

This simple analysis suggests that a mental diet is at least as important as a physical diet. We don’t eat everything that we can. Then, why don’t we watch in the same way what we consume with our minds? Why do we often allow ourselves to read, watch, or listen to information without differentiation? Increasing the quantity of information without simultaneously developing the faculty of discernment must inevitably lead to lower information quality. Continue reading How to Clean Up Your Mental Diet


Numerology 2: Life Cycles and Your Life Purpose

This 6-week course will help you to understand the inner scenario of your life in terms of major long-term and short-term cycles and the lessons your Soul intended to learn in each period of life. You will learn how to unlock your Life Purpose and Life Foundation Numbers and create a harmonious life. If you are interested, you can register on my website: http://tanyaince.com/en/new-event/numerology2 or by email Tanya@TanyaInce.com.

Overview: This 6-week course will focus on reading and interpreting the blueprint for your life. We will determine the main life cycles in your life and their challenges (lessons) and culminations. In addition to longer cycles, you will learn to calculate and interpret your personal year, 4-month cycle, and personal month. Understanding long-term and short-term personal cycles will give you clarity and help you to make decisions that are consistent with your life purpose. You will learn to work with the Relationship Matrix and read your Life Purpose and Life Foundation numbers in the context of your life scenario.

 Week 1: Your Life Cycles, Challenges, and Culminations

You will learn to calculate the main life cycles in your life. You will calculate your personal 27-and 9-year cycles and learn to calculate and interpret the main lessons that your soul intended to learn in each period of your life. You will determine the main lesson that is active in your life right now (challenge) and identify the trajectory towards the most optimal learning experience (culmination).

Week 2: Your Personal Year, Tertiary Cycle, and Personal Month Numbers

Calculate and interpret your personal year, 4-month cycle (tertiary cycle), and personal month. The tools that you will gain will allow you to better align your actions with your inner timing for the next month, 4 months and 12 months. You will also learn to determine your significant dates and beneficial days.

Week 3: Your Relationship Matrix

You will learn the Relationship Matrix that combines your Birth Chart and your Life Purpose and Life Foundation Numbers. You will learn to interpret numbers from 1 to 9 in your Relationship Matrix.

Week 4: Unlocking Your Life Purpose and Life Foundation Numbers in Your Relationship Matrix

You will deepen your understanding of your main personality traits and talents. You will also learn to read your Life Purpose and Life Foundation Numbers in the context of the Birth Chart, the Lo-Shu Square, and the Relationship Matrix, so that you can further align yourself with your Soul’s blueprint for your life.

Week 5: Your Energy Potential Graph

You will learn to construct your energy potential graph for each year of your life and for the next twelve months. This graph reflects your overall vitality and motivation in a given point in time and provides you with an additional planning tool.

Week 6: Your Examples

We are going to look at your own examples to integrate the material we have learned in the previous four weeks. Each of you will bring one example to work on with the group.

 Register below or email Tanya at Tanya@TanyaInce.com.

Included in the Course:

  • Six 2-hour experiential classes on Mondays at 6:00-8:00 pm.
  • Handouts and practice assignments for each class.
  • Unlimited email/Skype/phone support for the duration of the course.

Cost: $100

If you have any questions, send me an email at Tanya@TanyaInce.com.

Numerology Class

Thank you for the purchase

How to Be in the State of Acceptance: Interpreting 0 in Numerology

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be in the state of full acceptance and peace inside, regardless of what happens outside? Or is it even possible? Full acceptance and inner peace is the state of zero, the state of presence that is full of potential for transformation. In numerology, zero represents the highest degree of acceptance that opens the door to power, fullness, and strength. The strength and power comes from the awareness that you are who you are, regardless of what other people think, say, or do. When we are in this state, we are open to receive insights from our inner wisdom. This state of calm presence transforms our environment, our life, and our world.

In the past few days, I’ve had several conversations about the experience of being in the state of acceptance no matter what happens. I have a client, who has 0 in her Life Purpose Number. You can calculate your Life Purpose Number by adding all numbers in your birth date, and reducing the total to a number from 1 to 11. For people with a 0 in their Life Purpose Number, or anywhere in their birth date and/or in their numerology profile, it’s extremely important to consciously cultivate the state of acceptance. My client’s Life Purpose Number is 28/10, which means that she is learning to be in the state of calm acceptance when it comes to relationships (2) and power struggles (8). If she can remain emotionally unaffected by what other people choose to do, she becomes a pure channel of transformation and Love in the highest sense.

Luckily, my client and friend has done a lot of work on herself. Now she is finally discovering the power that comes with being in the state of acceptance and having control over her emotional reactions. For example, her daughter was testing her patience as kids sometimes do. This time, instead of lashing out on her or giving her a lecture, she remained silent and calm. Thus, it provided her daughter with some space to look at her behavior and accept her own reactions. Her behavior changed in a matter of minutes, and she woke up the next morning with a completely new quality of expression. This powerful moment of transformation and mutual healing couldn’t have happened, if she got involved in the emotional power struggle as she sometimes did in the past.

Helpful Reminders

Helpful reminders can come from nature, books, and other peopmt-fuji-477832_1280le. For me, the symbol of a mountain always reminds me about peace and other-worldly truth. Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this reminder is always within sight. You can find your own symbol of peace and use it as a reminder to choose peace.

Often, other people can see our life situation with more detachment and objectivity. My sister has 28/10 in her Life Foundation Number, the number that shows the most important talents and skills she brought with her into this life, which means that the state of acceptance of herself, others, and the world comes more naturally to her. Indeed, she constantly teaches me how to stay in the flow, when so many things are happening at the same time. I can’t count how many times she calmly reminded me, “This is just the way it is. What do you want to do?” It brings me back into peace and acceptance of what is happening around me. It also reminds me that I have a choice to do what I want and to see it the way I want. Even if I can’t accept what someone said or did yet, I can be open to choosing a different reaction to it. From this calmer place of potential, I can choose my own actions and words much more powerfully.

The realization that we always can choose how to feel about any situation is very freeing. Lesson 34 in A Course in Miracles says, “I can see peace instead of this.” It teaches us that any negative emotion, from slight discomfort to depression, can be replaced with peace if we are open to it. The vibration of 0 is the vibration of being open to this possibility. There is no doubt that it isn’t always easy to see peace instead of chaos, but we can at least acknowledge that this is possible. Another friend of mine, Lorraine, finishes every email with a quote, “I walk in Peace, not chaos.” Another great reminder!

If you have zeros in your birth date and/or in other important numbers in your numerology profile, don’t just ignore them. They are giving you a message, that it is important for you to claim your power over your emotional reactions. If you can stay in peace and acceptance, instead of reacting to what someone just said or did, you will become a teacher of peace for this person and for yourself. Simply by being present with the situation, you can offer a space for transformation and growth, instead of adding more chaos to this world.

4 Steps to Return to the State of Acceptance

To return to the state of acceptance, we can practice the following four steps. When something or someone attempts to disturb our balance and peace, we can try to apply them.

  1. Acknowledge the situation as a fact.
  2. Notice your emotional reaction to it.
  3. Acknowledge that you could have a different reaction to it.
  4. Choose another way of reacting to it that reflects more of who you are.

In this article, Lori Deschene, the founder of Tiny Buddha website, recommends to ask yourself how someone you respect would handle this situation. I like to ask myself how Jesus would react to this. If this seems too extreme for you, choose a person whose moral qualities you really admire. Then close your eyes, and imagine him or her taking your place now. What would they think, say, or do? What advice would they give you now? Write down any ideas that came to you.

Spiritual teacher and author, Eckhart Tolle teaches about staying in the present moment in his books, “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now.” I found his teachings very helpful, when I was just starting to notice my own power to change how I feel. I highly recommend his books and videos, if you want to master being in the state  of acceptance


How to Find Balance Between Learning and Doing

“The Universe is not outside you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are. ” 

~ Rumi

Last week, I had a very profound phone conversation with my sister. We talked about the importance of finding balance between action and reflection, learning and doing, theory and practice. It is crucial to reinforce everything you’re learning by putting it into practical action steps. In the community of spiritual seekers and personal development enthusiasts, it is commonly thought that you need to put all your efforts into changing your mindset and establishing new thinking patterns. Then, the actions that are right for you are supposed to flow naturally and effortlessly from there. That’s true only under certain conditions. In practice, the last step often doesn’t actually follow.

As a result, people mightperson-1281607_1280

  • attend endless self-development workshops, classes, retreats, and seminars;
  • meditate for hours;
  • do a lot of yoga;
  • read tons of books;
  • learn self-help techniques;
  • study numerology, astrology, human design, and so on;
  • study spiritual teachings of some sort.

The results appear to be quite random. While some people see amazing transformations in their life almost immediately, others can’t notice any significant change in their outer life and behavior patterns regardless of how much they learn inside. There are specific reasons why inner lessons don’t lead to outer changes.

Three Reasons Inner Growth Doesn’t Have Any Effect in Outer Life

  1. All inner changes have to be confirmed with corresponding actions, so that you as a whole are in harmony and integrity. It is a process of finding balance between your inner work and outer expression of your new attitudes. It is true that any change has to start inside the person. It cannot come from outside. However, inner change is incomplete without a corresponding outer expression. If you think about it, everything is in you, including other people. We need to interact with others to work on our lessons and help each other grow.
  2. People are very resistant to change. That’s why our mind can use anything, even a spiritual practice, to create a comfort zone and to avoid moving forward. We immerse ourselves in rituals, cleansing practices, meditation, and personal development teachings that never seem to bring us significant results on the level of real-life relationships. Unfortunately, potentially helpful techniques sometimes turn into avoidance mechanisms and a way to escape worldly responsibilities.
  3. There is no doubt that applying what you’ve learned requires courage to integrate the inner life and the outer experience. In truth, there is no difference between the inner and the outer, they are one. We just need to see it with our own eyes. Of course, we have various fears associated with authentic expression. Removing these fears and illusions takes consistent effort. In the meanwhile, you might feel you are not ready for a change and you need to learn just one more thing, read one more book, and listen to one more video. That’s not true! It can turn into a perpetual cycle of learning and delaying. Based on my own experience, we learn much faster when we let our every action and every word be an expression of our truth.

Continue reading How to Find Balance Between Learning and Doing


6 Myths about Changing Your Mindset

There are a few common false ideas that can get in your way when it comes to initiating change in your life. Any change begins with changing your mindset – the set of attitudes you hold about yourself and the world. I really like this expression by Tony Robbins: “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” Continue reading 6 Myths about Changing Your Mindset


Mind Map of How to Raise Your Consciousness

Nowadays, we often hear words like “consciousness” and “awareness.” With the emergence of neuroscience research on consciousness, we can begin to understand the biological basis of conscious experiences. With new technology, we can measure our state of consciousness, using heart rate variability (HRV) monitors and biofeedback tracking devices like Muse brain-sensing headband. There is even a new open-access journal called “Neuroscience of Consciousness.” Google search on the term “consciousness” produces 114 million results, and “awareness” yields 300 million links. But do we really know what consciousness is? Do we know what affects our state of consciousness and how we can improve it?

What is consciousness?

According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, consciousness is “the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world”. Being aware, in turn, is defined as “having knowledge or perception of a situation or a fact”. Therefore, we are conscious when our mind has knowledge or perception of itself and the world. We experience different quality of conscious awareness when being awake, daydreaming, being hypnotized, meditating, being under influence of mind-altering substances, or dreaming. Understanding various expressions of consciousness has been a focus of psychology since its onset. William James, who is often referred to as the father of American psychology, defined psychology as “the description and explanation of states of consciousness” (James). Continue reading Mind Map of How to Raise Your Consciousness