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The New Moon in Aries on March 27th opens a new astrological cycle with three main topics:

Courage in Action

The theme for this New Moon in Aries is courage in action. We are embodying what it truly means to be who we are and accept our unique individuality and path in life. [clickToTweet tweet=”We are learning to make every decision from the place of knowing what we want and what we don’t want. ” quote=”We are learning to make every decision from the place of knowing what we want and what we don’t want. ” theme=”style3″]

There are three elements of courage in action:

  1. First, it assumes that you have a clear idea about where you are going and what is consistent with your goals.
  2. Second, you also know what you are no longer willing to accept precisely because it is not aligned with where you want to be.
  3. Third, you are ready, willing, and able to take committed action towards your goals.

Following Your Soul’s Calling

This New Moon is deeply connected to the Venus cycle, which strengthens the same topic of discerning your values and putting them into action, appreciating yourself and being genuinely comfortable in your own skin. Venus has just started a new cycle in Aries on March 25th, and it will continue for the next 19 months. We should expect this general theme to be important during this period. We are finally coming home to a place where we can relax and let go of all masks and pretenses. We are able to hear our Soul’s calling, and  have the strength to honor it by taking concrete action.

Female Empowerment

a_womans_worthIn “A Woman’s Worth,” Marianne Williamson delivers a strong message of empowerment to modern women of all ages. The book discusses deep archetypal themes, such as the masculine and the feminine, beauty, relationships, career, and sex.

Before any woman is able to give her best to the world, and thus find true happiness and fulfilment, she must turn inside and heal her own heart. Obviously, the same is equally true for men. We cannot expect ourselves to build a healthy world based on old unresolved pain that almost every woman and man carries inside from childhood.

The following quote from Chapter 3, “A Magnificent Adventure,” summarizes the predicament we are in:

Many of us grew up in dysfunctional families, because modern society is a dysfunctional place. But the spiritual journey, the path of recovery and personal growth, is a detoxification process in which we bring up and out the negative beliefs we have carried with us from the past and that now poison the present. We then learn to invoke the flame within us, which did not go out during dark and difficult years. However confused we might have become, angels protected and shielded us. Our spirits did not die. There is an ever-renewable natural strength within us that still exists and is accessible now, regardless of what Mommy did and didn’t do, how Daddy loved us or ignored us, or whether we’ve succeeded or failed at life so far. I call that innocent place within every woman the lost girl.

“I could have been mystical princess! I should have been mystical princess! I was supposed to be mystical princess!” Thus cries the woman who has tried to reclaim her lost girl. The lost girl is still within us – the girl who wasn’t allowed to blossom, the girl whose natural childhood instincts were unnaturally capped at puberty, the girl who was squelched in fear of the woman she would become. For years we live damaged, cut off from the true expression of who we are because we don’t know who we are. We are numb to our own creative juices. No one held space for our gorgeousness, and now we can’t find it. As maidens, we were crushed. We were treated with suspicious looks at the very moment someone should have been turning up the applause. We don’t know how to be women, because we were taught it was not OK to be girls. Our most natural impulses were thwarted and distorted. We were like lava channeled into plastic molds.”live-your-dream-2045928_1280

Final Thoughts and Further Reading

We live in such a fast-paced world right now that we can see the results of our limiting beliefs almost immediately in our own lives and in the news on TV. Healing and self-forgiveness are not some woo-woo ideas, but practical necessities for everyone if we want to evolve as humanity.

Earlier this year, I wrote two articles on inner strength and power of commitment to yourself. It might be helpful to reflect on these ideas. These seems to be overarching themes not only for this month, but also for the entire year, with 2017 being a universal year 1 (2+0+1+7) in numerology.

Have a great month of April!

About the Author

life_purpose_coachingTanya Ince, Ph.D is a Life Coach,  Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, numerologist, TFT-Diagnostics facilitator, and trainer of Spiritual Technology methods of Zivorad Slavinski. On her blog, Tanya provides insights about personal development, practical spirituality, astrology, and numerology. Connect with Tanya on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @TanyaCoaching.




Brianne Collins

I love seeing what is going on in the cosmos, and think the topics you highlighted fit my life perfectly right now! I’m making steps to follow my interests and really get my small business up and running. I always thought I had to work for someone else to get anywhere, I’m hoping to prove myself, and others, wrong! Thanks for the post.


    Tanya Ince

    Brianne, I’m glad to hear you are taking the steps to get your small business up and running. Many people are experiencing profound changes right now, simply because the old is not working anymore. We are looking for greater alignment with the truth inside. It’s a beautiful process, and it can feel challenging at times. That’s why I feel inspired to share this information now more than ever.

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