How to Restore the Balance of Giving and Receiving


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This was such an interesting read & definitely helped me realise a few things!


Wow! Loved this. Very interesting. It’s amazing that most people have an issue with this balance. Thanks for sharing


I love this post, very inspiring :) I learned a lot from this.

Tanya, these questions are so insightful. I enjoyed reflecting on this and have a few extra steps that I’d like to do.

Thank you, Ana! These questions could make a good workshop called «Re-balancing Your Relationships». So taking it one step at a time is best.

Dayna Colvin

I enjoyed reading this article, Tanya, thank you for sharing your thoughts so beautifully. Very helpful and inspiring and I appreciate and love your holistic Eastern perspective, well written, thank you.

Thank you so much, Dayna! Happy Easter!