Top 4 Benefits of Starting Your Yoga Practice

Top 4 Benefits of Starting Your Yoga Practice

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great article! We love yoga and it has helped us gain more flexibility and strength. It is also great for back pain since we spent many hours working in front of the computer!

Thank you, Viktoriya! Yes, it helps me too with upper back and neck tension after sitting in front of the computer for a long time.

Nice! I suspected that the number of of people who practice yoga is increasing. It was interesting to know that it doubled since 2008.

Thanks! It was interesting to me too.

Rebekah at The Tex-Mex Mom

So interesting that yoga has grown so much in the US since 2008! I just started doing yoga recently using youtube. I find it very relaxing while still a good workout for my core. :)

Rebekah, thank you for reading. Do you have a favorite Youtube channel to practice yoga? I like Yoga with Adriene, but there are many other great channels.

Vatsala Shukla
I started practicing yoga at the suggestion of my physiotherapist to maintain flexibility of my muscles and to strengthen my back after my first incident of slipped disc in 2004 Tanya, and the benefits are enormous. When combined with the… Read more »