Astrology Consultation

Astrology as one of the most effective self-discovery methods, which I found extremely useful for myself and my clients. When I see your chart and read its symbols, I see a blueprint for realizing your full potential, with very specific opportunities, tendencies, and energies that are available to you in your life. Instead of reviewing different psychological characteristics I prefer to spend our time on discussing the information in your chart that can really make a difference in your current life. Becoming aware of this information can help you to save time and start moving forward towards your deepest and happiest self-expression that is possible.

I practice evolutionary (or karmic) astrology that looks at your Soul’s path and clarifies its main lessons for this lifetime, qualities that it wants to develop, and methods that it uses to do that. A natal chart reading usually brings you a deep sense of recognition, which can lead to many positive changes in your life.

The natal chart provides answers to the following questions:

The complete astrology consultation lasts 1.5 hours.

Most of my astrology consultations are done via Skype or by phone. If you are not fully satisfied with astrology consultation, you will receive a full refund.

Investment: $150  (for 1.5-hour session)

[:ru]Астрологическая консультация 1.5 часа[:en]Astrology Consultation 1.5-hour session[:]

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