[:en]What I Learned about Achieving My Dreams from Playing the Matrix Workshop[:]


[:en]Last Saturday, I have attended “Playing the Matrix” workshop with Mike Dooley. I thoroughly enjoyed this concise and practical step-by-step guide to how to make your dreams a reality. Mike is and author, speaker, and writer of inspirational Notes from the Universe that are sent out daily to hundreds of thousands of his email subscribers. The workshop was held in a beautiful Omni Grove Park Inn hotel in Asheville, North Carolina. If you haven’t visited this beautiful resort, it is quite an experience! If you feel inspired to attend one of Mike Dooley’s events, you can check Mike’s calendar here. Give yourself a gift of concentrated wisdom, humor, and connection!

It was beyond amazing to spend the day in a company of like-minded people and to hear about Mike’s genuine experience of finding his life purpose. Everything that he has shared with us in the workshop resonated with me deeply. Sometimes it really helps to hear someone, who is several steps ahead of you, confirming that what you are doing now is going to take you exactly where you want to go. I felt I have received my confirmations directly from the Universe through Mike, the writer for the Universe. How cool and symbolic is that?!

I am going to share the main lessons that stood out for me during the day. If you are on your way of making your dreams a reality, they might resonate with you too. There is much more that happened that day. There were serendipitous meetings, mountain views, synchronicities, and receiving a personal message from the Universe.[:]