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Solar and lunar eclipses are vibrational activation points that help us grow and accelerate our evolution. They are very important in terms of astrological interpretation, because they signify shifts in our inner and outer life. Eclipses emphasize certain areas of life and bring fated events, significant meetings, and powerful insights. They are powerful portals that open the doors for us for realizing our life purpose.

Eclipses are charged with cosmic energy that can be used to change time and space and create the life we want. If we skillfully and consciously use this energy, we can manifest our hearts’ desires faster. However, if you don’t realize how these cycles work and what their purpose is, we can see them as chaotic and unpredictable events.

The Mechanics of An Eclipse

Eclipses occur during special new moons and full moons that are close to the moon nodes. Usually, There are four eclipses in a typical year, and they occur in pairs of solar and lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses happen every six lunar months, and lunar eclipses either precede or follows solar eclipses by 14 days. Occasionally, a solar eclipse occurs without a lunar eclipse.

Each eclipse belongs to a series of eclipses, called Saros Series, that repeat every 18 years plus 9-11 days. Ancient Greeks knew about solar and lunar eclipses and used them for predictive purposes. The lunar eclipse on February 10, 2017 is a part of the Saros Series 114. This cycle has begun in on May 13, 971 with a lunar eclipse in Taurus/Scorpio polarity. It will end with the last lunar eclipse in the series on June 22, 2233.

General Theme of the Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017

The eclipse will occur at 7:32 EST and will last for 4 hours and 20 minutes. It is going to be hardly visible even in those geographic regions where it’s possible to see it. The general theme of every eclipse in the same series is colored by the sign of the first eclipse in the series, which was Taurus/Scorpio polarity for this eclipse.

Therefore, the first general theme and the intention of this eclipse is to resolve the issues related to trust in relationships with other people and with the Universe. We are asked to reconsider our beliefs and emotions around money, material possessions, abundance, sex, and giving and receiving in general. Through the first eclipse in the series, Venus and Pluto are connected to the entire series of eclipses. Interestingly, the eclipse on February 10 does not only open the eclipse season for 2017, but also prepares the energy for Venus retrograde that will start on March 25th. Venus retrograde will call us to reflect on the same theme deeper.

Secondly, this lunar eclipse occurs at the 22 degrees Leo, with several significant positive aspects. Most importantly, we will see a mystic rectangle between the Sun and the Moon in Leo/Aquarius and Jupiter and Uranus in Aries/Libra. [clickToTweet tweet=”The main theme of this eclipse revolves around love, relationships, and who we are at the very core of our being.” quote=”The main theme of this eclipse revolves around love, relationships, and who we are at the very core of our being.” theme=”style3″]

How can we be in a relationship and preserve our individual identity? How can we be part of a group without necessarily agreeing with everyone? How can we stay open and fully connected to our heart while actively engaging with other people in the world?

This eclipse invites us to go within, open our hearts, and let go of any past love relationships that might have hurt us or led to the decision to close our hearts. [clickToTweet tweet=”We are called to release any emotions and beliefs that block our ability to take massive inspired action.” quote=”We are called to release any emotions and beliefs that block our ability to take massive inspired action.” theme=”style3″]

As we do this, it’s helpful to remember that each of us has a specific function, mission, and purpose to fulfill, which no one else can do. Now is the time to trust our intuition and stay fully centered and connected to who we are, so that we can fulfill our life purpose. We are ready to manifest our dreams, and leave all the blocks and limitations behind.

If we have any unresolved issues related to love and relationships, it will block our creative potential in other areas of life. It doesn’t mean, of course, that everyone is supposed to have a partner or a spouse. I’m only talking about releasing mental and emotional charge around trust, openness, and love that we have been accumulating for centuries.full-moon-496873_1280

Lunar eclipses are more internal and focused on removing inner blocks to manifesting what we want. This lunar eclipse is specifically about the practical use of inner power of integrity and emotional honesty to manifest equality in relationship, a deeply fulfilling life, and material abundance. We all know exactly what we need to let go, and where we need to expand to make the next and final step towards our dreams.

Lunar eclipse is like an energetic shower that can wash away all our worries and concerns, which no longer serve a purpose. You can use the next few days and even weeks following the eclipse to activate this process of letting go. Then, as the solar eclipse New Moon arrives on February 26, we will be fully ready to integrate its changes, lessons, and gifts with more grace and ease.

Specific Themes of the Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017

Specific themes of this eclipse can be determined by looking at the area of your chart, where 22 degrees of Leo and Aquarius are. You can go to Astro.com to build your natal chart. If there is a planet with 5 degrees of this point in your chart, it will make the eclipse even more powerful. That is why people who have their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant near 22 degrees Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus will feel the effect of this cosmic activation even more.

The Duration of the Effect of an Eclipse

There are several ways to think about how long the effects of each eclipse will last. Most astrologers agree that the effects of an eclipse will last until the next eclipse occur in about six months. In addition to this, we can try to remember what was happening in our life or in the world 18, 36, or 54 years ago, when previous eclipses in the same series occurred. These energy activations work around the same general theme in our collective consciousness. This is another reason eclipses are said to bring up past events to the surface, so that they can be reinterpreted and released.

Cleansing Ritual for Lunar Eclipse

heart-2041866_1280To invite the new into our lives, we need to release the old. When you perform this simple ritual, you want your actions to embody the intention of stepping into the next phase of your life. Specific actions themselves do not matter. What we want our actions to mean makes any ritual powerful and transformative. Potent energies of the Full Moon are amplified during this electric lunar eclipse, which makes our intentions heard everywhere in the Universe.

We can use the elements of fire or water for purification and release. Sit quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed.

  1. Light a candle (preferably red for this lunar eclipse) or fill a bowl with water, or both.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and relax.
  3. Think about what thoughts, emotions, memories, or stories you would like to purify and let go. What beliefs do you have that no longer serve you? Where do you want more freedom and expansion in your life and in your body?
  4. Write down everything that came to your mind on a piece of paper.
  5. Fold it, and say to yourself: “I release these thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and stories and purify my past, present, and future.”
  6. You can either burn your piece of paper or place it in a bowl with water, symbolizing purification of the past and inviting the new. Throw it in an empty bowl as it burns.
  7. Remain quiet for a moment. You may want to reflect on what you are letting go and fill the new empty space in your heart with white light of gratitude and expansiveness.

You can do this cleansing ritual as often as you feel like around the time of the eclipse. You can adapt the ritual following your intuition. I like to end by drawing a few Angel cards for guidance an inspiration.

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life_purpose_coachingTanya Ince, Ph.D, is a spiritual life coach, writer, astrologer, numerologist, TFT-Diagnostics facilitator, and trainer of Spiritual Technology methods of Zivorad Slavinski. On her blog, Tanya writes about practical spirituality, astrology, numerology, spiritual growth, and personal development. You can connect with Tanya on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @TanyaCoaching.





This is sooo interesting! I wish I would’ve seen it sooner to be able to enjoy the eclipse and some of the rituals you mentioned! Great post!


    Tanya Ince

    Hi Norine! Thanks for reading my post! An eclipse is a very significant astrological event, this energy is going to be very powerful throughout this week. This eclipse is connected to the one on February 26th, where we will see the whole picture of what we are supposed to let go of and what is entering into our life. These two eclipses form a cosmic doorway. In short, it’s not too late to reflect on where you are going and what you need to let go for that. In fact, now is the perfect time to do that! Best wishes!

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