[:en]New Moon in Pisces on March 17, 2018 – Letting Go and Affirming Your Life[:]


The main themes for this lunar month are:

Sun and Moon meet Chiron in Pisces in the skies. We are releasing the victimhood stories of pain and suffering and replacing them with a new story. Starting from now, we can see our lives in a completely new light. We go back at our lives and collectively let go of the past and move from pain and divisiveness to happiness and wholeness. It is time to heal all the wounds.

In the meanwhile, we can be shown situations that no longer serve us because we’ve outgrown them. We are shown what needs healing. This lunar month, we can use the cosmic energies to meditate and tune into releasing all our pain. Karmic wounds that involve the closest family members may surface. Family stories may com to the surface to be healed. Approach these situations with wisdom and grace. If they surface and request your attention in your memories or in real life, meet them with kindness, objectivity, and detachment. Remember that this is an opportunity for acceptance, healing, and letting go.

At the same time, Pisces makes us vulnerable and emotional. It doesn’t mean that it will be easy to stay graceful and detached. This month, we can consciously work with the element of water to release the past. As we are able to release old grievances and rewrite our old stories, we become wiser and more connected to our spiritual essence.

If we consciously decide to do this work, it can literally rewrite the story of our lives.  Decide that you are no longer a victim in your life. You can have everything you want. Declare what you want and it’s going to be true for you. This month, your intention expressed in words can have an immediate energetic effect in how other people see you.

Sun, Moon, and Chiron in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter heightens our intuitive skills and our connection to our highest potential. We can go really deep into the parts of our psyche that were not accessible before. In this process of releasing the past and freeing the future, nature can be our greatest teacher and a perfect healing agent. Nature knows how to be renewed and reborn. It can be a good time to turn to herbal medicine, shamanic healing, essential oils, and good old walks in the park. We are learning to maintain the connection to our own inner authority and bring it into the world through inspired action.

Sun, Moon, and Chiron in Pisces square Mars in Scorpio. This is an opportunity to release suppressed anger that was stored for many years. We can also let go of guilt that is related to the expression of anger and sexuality. Look at the old emotional wounds, let yourself feel them for a moment, and let them go.

Using The Water Element for Transformation This Month

Here are a couple of suggestion of how you can use water element this month:

Water can help us release stuck emotions and mental patterns this month. You can simply imaging that you are standing under a waterfall. Imagine that water flows through you, cleansing all parts of your body and your aura, and eliminating anything that you don’t need and restoring everything that needs to be restored and integrated.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries from March 22 to April 15. If you are starting something new this month, think it through and plan ahead. This is not the time to rush into new projects. Careful planning and step-by-step execution will lead to positive results. Before you start anything, make sure that your emotions are aligned with your thoughts and actions. It’s a good time to focus on writing projects, journaling, and meditating. Our mental focus is strong and penetrating.

Venus conjunct Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn trine North Node in Leo. Redefine your relationships and become more responsible and more mature about how we are using our skills and abilities. It is time to accept your talents and find a way to step into your authentic self.  Choose your thoughts very carefully this month. Affirmations are your biggest friend this month.

Affirmations Exercise:

  1. Create five affirmations you would like to start living in the next year.
  2. Say them with intention and watch them become reality this month.

Have a wonderful and transformative month![:]



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