Spiritual Life Coaching

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Spiritual Life Coaching Programs are designed to assist you on your spiritual path. By making a commitment to actively participate in Spiritual Life Coaching Program, you are making a commitment to your spiritual awakening. Whether you are a beginner spiritual seeker or have an established spiritual practice, you will benefit from staying committed to your purpose. You will benefit from this coaching program, if you:

  • Want to accelerate your spiritual growth
  • Would like to release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that create obstacles on your spiritual journey
  • Want to establish a consistent spiritual practice
  • Want to remove emotional charge around issues in current or past life that are related, for example, to your career, life purpose, material abundance, and relationships
  • Want to create more balance and harmony in your life
  • Want to expand your creativity
  • Want to have an experience of Oneness and learn to access anytime you need
  • Want to develop your intuition and confidence
  • Want to create a deep connection with your true Self
  • Want to learn to receive intuitive insights from your Inner Wisdom

Ready to get started?

As your spiritual life coach, I provide ongoing assistance as you make progress in your spiritual life. I will make myself fully available to you during the sessions, so that you have all the support you need to move forward and determine what changes or adjustment are necessary for you.

Your personalized Coaching Program will enhance your spiritual life and radically improve overall level of satisfaction with your life. As we work together, you’ll develop a deeper connection with your true Self, improve your intuition and establish spiritual practices and rituals that work best for you. You’ll discover spiritual tools and practices that will serve you for a lifetime of peace and fulfillment.

How to Get Started?

Please, look at my coaching programs below and choose the one that will work best for you. If you are not sure which one is best, that’s okay too. You can schedule a FREE 20-minute session to determine, if coaching is right for you and if we are a perfect match. After booking a strategy session, you will receive a questionnaire by email that will help me to get to know you better before our scheduled meeting.

Included: Support Package Power Package Intensive VIP Package
45-minute sessions Every 2 weeks Every week Every week
Additional resources
Full 1.5-hour astro-numerology consultation
Email check-ins Every week Unlimited
Intensive VIP day (6 hours)
3-Month Coaching Package


[:ru]Личностное Развитие Пакет «Поддержка» (3 месяца)[:en]Personal Development Support Package (3 months)[:]

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[:ru]Личностное Развитие Пакет «Сила» (3 месяца)[:en]Personal Development Power Package (3 months)[:]

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[:ru]Личностное Развитие Интенсивный VIP Пакет (3 месяца)[:en]Personal Development Intensive VIP Package (3 months)[:]

[:ru]Спасибо за покупку[:en]Thank you for the purchase[:]