Spiritual Technology

Spiritual Technology is a complete toolbox of simple and effective energy psychology techniques for mental and emotional hygiene. In the same way we take a shower and wash our hands every day and several times a day, it is necessary to clear the excess of mental and emotional energy from past experiences. If that is overlooked, the residual charge will remain and form blocks in our body and mind. A person might feel that it’s more challenging to think clearly and make decisions. Removing these blocks helps to accelerate spiritual growth and retrain the mind to expand our potential and live from the essence of who we truly are.

Using ST tools, I assist people who are interested in

  • accelerating their spiritual development,
  • resolving inner conflicts,
  • finding balance in their careers and relationships,
  • removing blocks to abundance, harmony, and successdue to past traumas and conditioning,
  • changing limiting beliefs,
  • letting go of past resentments, mental and emotional baggage, and
  • achieving their full potential.

I offer 5 main Spiritual Technology techniques: Deep PEAT, Aspectics, DP4, Sunyata, Gnostic Intensive, and some variations of these methods. If you are not sure, which method would benefit you the most, we will choose the method that will best for achieving your goals together.