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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be in the state of full acceptance and peace inside, regardless of what happens outside? Or is it even possible? Full acceptance and inner peace is the state of zero, the state of presence that is full of potential for transformation. In numerology, zero represents the highest degree of acceptance that opens the door to power, fullness, and strength. The strength and power comes from the awareness that you are who you are, regardless of what other people think, say, or do. When we are in this state, we are open to receive insights from our inner wisdom. This state of calm presence transforms our environment, our life, and our world.

In the past few days, I’ve had several conversations about the experience of being in the state of acceptance no matter what happens. I have a client, who has 0 in her Life Purpose Number. You can calculate your Life Purpose Number by adding all numbers in your birth date, and reducing the total to a number from 1 to 11. For people with a 0 in their Life Purpose Number, or anywhere in their birth date and/or in their numerology profile, it’s extremely important to consciously cultivate the state of acceptance. My client’s Life Purpose Number is 28/10, which means that she is learning to be in the state of calm acceptance when it comes to relationships (2) and power struggles (8). If she can remain emotionally unaffected by what other people choose to do, she becomes a pure channel of transformation and Love in the highest sense.

Luckily, my client and friend has done a lot of work on herself. Now she is finally discovering the power that comes with being in the state of acceptance and having control over her emotional reactions. For example, her daughter was testing her patience as kids sometimes do. This time, instead of lashing out on her or giving her a lecture, she remained silent and calm. Thus, it provided her daughter with some space to look at her behavior and accept her own reactions. Her behavior changed in a matter of minutes, and she woke up the next morning with a completely new quality of expression. This powerful moment of transformation and mutual healing couldn’t have happened, if she got involved in the emotional power struggle as she sometimes did in the past.

Helpful Reminders

Helpful reminders can come from nature, books, and other peopmt-fuji-477832_1280le. For me, the symbol of a mountain always reminds me about peace and other-worldly truth. Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this reminder is always within sight. You can find your own symbol of peace and use it as a reminder to choose peace.

Often, other people can see our life situation with more detachment and objectivity. My sister has 28/10 in her Life Foundation Number, the number that shows the most important talents and skills she brought with her into this life, which means that the state of acceptance of herself, others, and the world comes more naturally to her. Indeed, she constantly teaches me how to stay in the flow, when so many things are happening at the same time. I can’t count how many times she calmly reminded me, “This is just the way it is. What do you want to do?” It brings me back into peace and acceptance of what is happening around me. It also reminds me that I have a choice to do what I want and to see it the way I want. Even if I can’t accept what someone said or did yet, I can be open to choosing a different reaction to it. From this calmer place of potential, I can choose my own actions and words much more powerfully.

The realization that we always can choose how to feel about any situation is very freeing. Lesson 34 in A Course in Miracles says, “I can see peace instead of this.” It teaches us that any negative emotion, from slight discomfort to depression, can be replaced with peace if we are open to it. The vibration of 0 is the vibration of being open to this possibility. There is no doubt that it isn’t always easy to see peace instead of chaos, but we can at least acknowledge that this is possible. Another friend of mine, Lorraine, finishes every email with a quote, “I walk in Peace, not chaos.” Another great reminder!

If you have zeros in your birth date and/or in other important numbers in your numerology profile, don’t just ignore them. They are giving you a message, that it is important for you to claim your power over your emotional reactions. If you can stay in peace and acceptance, instead of reacting to what someone just said or did, you will become a teacher of peace for this person and for yourself. Simply by being present with the situation, you can offer a space for transformation and growth, instead of adding more chaos to this world.

4 Steps to Return to the State of Acceptance

To return to the state of acceptance, we can practice the following four steps. When something or someone attempts to disturb our balance and peace, we can try to apply them.

  1. Acknowledge the situation as a fact.
  2. Notice your emotional reaction to it.
  3. Acknowledge that you could have a different reaction to it.
  4. Choose another way of reacting to it that reflects more of who you are.

In this article, Lori Deschene, the founder of Tiny Buddha website, recommends to ask yourself how someone you respect would handle this situation. I like to ask myself how Jesus would react to this. If this seems too extreme for you, choose a person whose moral qualities you really admire. Then close your eyes, and imagine him or her taking your place now. What would they think, say, or do? What advice would they give you now? Write down any ideas that came to you.

Spiritual teacher and author, Eckhart Tolle teaches about staying in the present moment in his books, “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now.” I found his teachings very helpful, when I was just starting to notice my own power to change how I feel. I highly recommend his books and videos, if you want to master being in the state  of acceptance




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