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[:en]How to Live Your Life Purpose Free Webinar[:]


In this FREE webinar, we will talk about two numbers in your numerology profile: Life Purpose Number and Life Foundation Number. Life Purpose Number describes what you came here to learn and to do, and Life Foundation Number shows what you brought with you into these life to help you to fulfill your life purpose.

Combining Life Purpose and Life Foundation Numbers, we have a specific description of one’s strengths and potentialities. Each of us is bringing a unique combination of skills and talents that can be used to promote personal and collective well-being.

In this FREE webinar you will learn:

– to calculate your Life Purpose Number for you and one more person;
– to calculate your Life Foundation Number;
to interpret Numbers 0-10;
– to interpret Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33;
– to understand the connection between these two important numbers in numerology.

To register, please visit: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/23bcd7c268b37f9d7510d14dfea9e911

If you have any questions, send me an email at Tanya@TanyaInce.com or call (281) 907-3934.[:]

[:en]3-Step Process for Identifying Your Life Purpose [:]


“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi

What Is Life Purpose?

Our understanding of life purpose changes and evolves over time, as we mature and gain new experience. However, everyone begins to wonder sooner or later how to find his or her life purpose. As always, the answer is usually very simple. We are happy when we are doing exactly what we came here to do, and unhappy when we are trying to do someone else’s job. The degree of unhappiness intensifies the longer the person insists on staying away from his or her life purpose.

Even though deep inside we know what we need to be doing, we often ignore or doubt these hints of intuition. The further we are from the path that leads to the fulfillment of our life purpose, the more it feels like we are living someone else’s life. In a way, that’s exactly what we are trying to do! Following an iterative process of trial and error, we are finally drawn to discover our life purpose. Continue reading [:en]3-Step Process for Identifying Your Life Purpose [:]

[:en]The Power of Commitment to Yourself[:]


Commitment is severely underrated in our modern society. As a result, the Holy Grail of a wholehearted decision to fully commit to reaching one’s highest potential at all levels is overlooked. Often, we wait for things to work out in our lives without really investing the energy into our own success and well-being. To commit means to believe in yourself and to pursue wholeheartedly what you think is good for you. It is not a “maybe”, but a definite “yes”.

Commitment literally opens the doors and brings clarity and joy into one’s life. There are no more questions, no doubts, and no more convincing left to do. The road ahead is clear, and there are no more obstacles that block the light. At that point, the only option that is available to you is to share that light with the rest of the world. The way you can contribute to the world is maximized.

It does take a lot of trust and faith to believe that you deserve to have it all. That is not something we are taught in school. In fact, we are taught to question our abilities and always strive to do better. Where does this race end? What if we are already perfect, just the way we are? We all have unique talents and gifts that are often end up collecting dust on the shelf, while we are busy with self-improvement. It takes a lot of will power to remove self-doubt and change the scarcity mindset. I am constantly amazed with people who consistently do everything they can to change their limiting beliefs and re-discover their power. Continue reading [:en]The Power of Commitment to Yourself[:]